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1 Introduction

The general terms and conditions regulate the legal relationship   the service between "Spritnmore" and your customers who make use of our Internet or telephone offer and purchase Spritnmore products via these channels.

The customer orders online on the basis of our Internet order page or by telephone. We will deliver your order to the address you specify. The terms and conditions apply without restriction, unless otherwise agreed in writing or by telephone between the customer and Spritnmore.

2nd offer
The offers from Spritnmore   are non-binding. Small deviations and technical changes compared to our illustrations or descriptions are possible. The respective offer loses its validity with the appearance of a new edition.

3. Orders
The customer undertakes to truthfully provide all information required by an order.

4. Opening times
Orders by phone can be taken at any time. Those who order fun will be billed for the travel costs incurred by us plus processing fees.

5. Delivery time
The ordered goods will be dispatched immediately after the order has been accepted. Spritnmore   guarantees delivery within 30 to 90 minutes depending on traffic, weather, order situation and delivery zone.

6. Delivery and Delivery Fee
Unless otherwise agreed, delivery will be made to the delivery address specified by the customer. The delivery fee is included in the stated purchase price (excluding depot). Below the minimum order value, Spritnmore delivers   to the delivery areas from a flat rate of CHF 45.-.

The customer pays for the ordered goods directly upon delivery to the   front door or the specified delivery address. The delivering employee of Spritnmore   is entitled and obliged to collect the goods upon delivery. Payment is in cash. The prices in the online shop do not include a deposit. When ordering, the valid prices of the respective day must be taken into account. We hold the right for pricechanges. The receipt given to the customer upon payment is the delivery note and invoice at the same time. Empties will only be taken back from the Spritnmore   range and will be charged separately.

8. Retention of title:
The goods remain the property of Spritnmore until full payment has been made.

9. Trademark Law
All images, brands and logos shown on this website are the property of the respective companies and are subject to copyright protection.

10. Protection of minors
Despite electronic confirmation of the order, Spritnmore is entitled to reject a customer and not to execute his order if there are justified doubts about his general information or if there are other reasons (age, solvency, etc.) against executing the order. When ordering/delivering spirits or other items that are subject to statutory sales restrictions, the goods will only be handed over upon presentation of the customer's identity card. The law prohibits the sale of wine or beer under the age of 16, as well as alcopos and spirits under the age of 18.

11. Privacy
When orders are placed, personal data such as first name, surname, postal code, location and telephone number are collected, and all calls are electronically recorded in order to process the orders and ship the ordered goods. Spritnmore saves the personal data for the transaction. Customer data is only used and processed within the framework of the applicable data protection laws. Passing data to third parties is ruled out. Likewise, the transfer to third parties for general advertising purposes or market and opinion research is excluded. For safety reasons, our vehicles are monitored audiovisually and with GPS.


Data protection

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